Friday, December 05, 2008

PTA fun

This week seems to have been dominated by PTA events at both school and kindergarten. Yesterday was "observation day" at my daughter's school where we could go and watch their normal class then we got to listen to a concert followed by a quick class meeting with the teacher and other mothers. I spent most of the afternoon amusing myself by counting the number of people with black hair (yes, we live in Japan) - it was far quicker to count the number with black hair than it was to count those with brown hair. In fact there was only one mother in the whole room that had black hair.... I guess a lot of stereotypes are being challenged this year!
Today was kindergarten PTA and it was the day where we had to take along the costumes we have made for the end of year concert and make sure that they didn't fall down etc. when the children danced in them. This year's challenge was a "fisherman" with a ponytail and a prince... fortunately there were enough clothes from previous years that I didn't have to make too much. Now all I have to do is hope that it doesn't all fall to pieces before the concert on the 21st!
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