Sunday, December 07, 2008

Snow and chicken house progress

Yesterday my husband got up early and started to get ready for finishing the chicken house only to discover that it was snowing and snowing some more! It was the biggest dumping of snow we have had for a long time and the kids loved playing in it, making snowmen and making ice creams from it (which they proceeded to eat covered in condensed milk!). It really was beautiful powder snow and despite a nice day today there is still a bit lying around the place. Mike, you could still make it for a quick snow fight if you were fast!
I spent the day doing things that I would never do in New Zealand like racing outside in the snow to pick the green tomatoes so I could make Christmas mince and making a steamed Christmas Pudding ready for Christmas. Living here definitely makes you appreciate the things you can just go and buy in the shops in New Zealand!
Today the improved weather meant that some more progress was made on the chicken house. I swear it is going to be the strongest, straightest chicken house in the history of the world! Mind you I was in charge of the door and the nesting boxes so those parts may not quite make the grade. Lucky for me we couldn't catch many bee swarms this year so the excess of bee hives my husband made while we were in New Zealand became perfect nesting boxes! One or two more days work and it should be complete - which is fortunate as the chickens are due to arrive on Thursday!
PS - both Emily and Masaki decided they wanted to practice their typing skills and write some more on their blogs this weekend (chances are it was a one off!), but if anyone wants to see what they wrote and some extra snow pictures please click on the links at the side of this page.


  1. Lennon & Kim9:10 PM

    Wow, it looks like fun! Its snowing here in Switzerland today too, we are hoping for our first white Christmas.

  2. Check out that snow - and here we are with 25 degree plus weather in Napier : ) Hope we get a good dump like that in February so we can do the snowman thing too.

    Yay for tom and the chicken house. Looking forward to seeing that all finished when we get back.

    Hope you are all well.