Monday, April 13, 2009

The baby leaves the nest

Today was my son's entrance ceremony at school. Fortunately it only lasted for 30 minutes (which consisted of boring speeches... how unusual in Japan) then it was time to collect all the textbooks (for anyone who doesn't know they have textbooks for everything here - even P.E. and Art) and go home! It is amazing how different it is with the second child as opposed to the first - both for me and for the children. I'm not sure who is more excited about my son starting school - my son or older daughter. She has been telling him all the details of what is done every day and he has been listening carefully and taking notes, hoping to get a jump on some of the other students. There are 10 children in his class - the other 9 are all from one different kindergarten and therefore know each other well. My son doesn't seem to be worried by this though and is already starting to make friends.
Tomorrow is his first full day at school - I'll pick him up exhausted at 4pm - no half days to start with here. As I have been taking him to kindergarten every day for the last few years I am looking forward to farewelling them both at the door tomorrow morning when my husband takes them on the way to work. I plan to be in my dressing gown then settle down with a cup of coffee and a book for the entire morning. I wish anyway! Actually I have to go back to my son's old kindy and do a speech at the entrance ceremony there (almost last duty as the stupid chairperson) then go to a meeting all afternoon. Perhaps Wednesday I can do the dressing gown thing! But for now I need to go and think about what I will say to the kindy parents tomorrow....


  1. So interesting Jo! I'm finally getting used to NZ schools and it's just so interesting to learn about other cultures educational ways! I'm sure my international students appreciate it too - it's amazing how each student has such different backgrounds!!!
    Good luck with you dressing gown morning on Wednesday!! You deserve it.

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  3. Anonymous2:02 PM

    No offence Masaki, but I'm liking the not so short shorts of the new school uniform! He's looking very grown up!

  4. Omedeto! And a 30 minute ceremony? I'm moving!

    I have slow mornings three days a week now when DH takes the girls to hoikuen with him- bliss!

    How is the book and coffee morning business going?

  5. sfrack11:09 PM

    I love your photos. It all must be so interesting.