Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garden Helpers

For the last few weeks my mother in law has been driving me crazy - by "helping" at our house. For anyone who doesn't know I don't live with my Japanese parents-in-law, but they do live about a one minute walk up the road. Anyway, this year we have decided that we are going to completely rip up our lawn and replant it therefore there is no need to spend days on end pulling out the zillions of weeds from it. I told this to my mother-in-law, but she has spent the last week or so taking all the weeds out... of course the parts she did last week are now completed covered in weeds again, but at least she feels that she has done her bit. Every time I tell her not to bother she always comes up with the "but the children's teachers will be coming for their annual visit soon". I don't think she realises that the teachers are on a tight schedule and that they don't even open their eyes as they walk to the door - let alone care if there are weeds in the grass! Anyway, if she really feels that she has to do it then I shouldn't complain - perhaps I'll even rub something yuck onto the windows so she feels obliged to clean those too!
Speaking of grass - we got our new lawnmower today. After years of using the stupid electric one that broke really easily as it was designed for small Japanese home gardens, not our large, rough one, we decided to go for a push mower - with no motor. It is wonderful! I love the sound it makes and the kids are able to use it without me worrying about them chopping off half their limbs when the electrical one takes on a life of its own. Here's hoping their enthusiasm continues when the lawn really does need mowing!
Our other garden helpers are back in full force at the moment - the frogs. They are appearing everywhere and helping to keep the bugs at bay. This little fellow is my washing friend. He sits on the washing line all day and even came inside with the washing last night. I had to ask my husband to politely show him the door after I almost stood on him and jumped in fright while I was putting the washing basket away!


  1. At least you didn't jump on a table! My sister did a few weeks ago when she saw a mouse at Mum's - all the while saying "Wow, so people actually do jump up on tables when they see a mouse!"

    Meanwhile chez moi, we had the BIGGEST spider I've seen yet in Japan, and just as Kanji was aiming the broom, Amy said "Don't kill it!" He missed, and ended up sweeping it out the door. I would so prefer frogs to those creatures!

  2. Anonymous8:05 AM

    This is such and interesting lawn mower, I've never seen one like this before. Is it battery operated/Gas?

  3. Hi Rachel - usually frogs don't worry me at all - it is just when they "squeak" when you almost stand on them inside that I jump. I'd rather have a cute green Japanese frog than a huge black Japanese spider anyday!
    Girl Japan: the lawn mower is literally a push mower - as in you use your muscles to push it! No other energy source than sweat and muscle power! This one is from Sweden and although I don't usually get too attached to machinery - it is a beauty!

  4. Where did you order the mower from? I would love a push one and I am sure the lawns would get done more if I didn't have to fire up the weed eater every time - which is currently off limits to me anyway - as is chopping wood!

    Rachel - big spiders. You better make sure you're not pregnant ;p

  5. Katy: I have no idea really where we got the mower from - Tom just informed me that he had ordered it.... I think it was through a classmate from JHS. I can ask him to order you one if you want - not good for edges, but great otherwise.