Sunday, April 12, 2009

Progress report

Despite the children making very detailed rules last night about what time they could start their egg hunt (7am, if Easter Bunny was organised enough), what state of dress they had to be in, whether they needed to have eaten breakfast etc. they were awake by 5:45am and ready to race. Fortunately they waited till 7am to pester me to get up. Last year we were in New Zealand for Easter and my mother had the great idea of making a treasure hunt for the eggs so of course the expectation from the children was pretty high again this year. I managed to make 9 clues and put them in the correct places, correct order etc. and the kids had a great time. They are already counting down till next year.... The only sad point of the day was that my son was a bit grumpy with Easter Bunny. He had written him a letter and asked where he lived and my mother (I mean Easter Bunny) had replied that "I have to keep the place I live in a secret in case bad people come and steal some of the eggs before Easter." This did not impress my son and he spent the whole day stomping around saying that he was not a bad person and would never tell anyone where the Bunny lives, so why didn't he tell him. I told him perhaps next year he would get a more satisfactory answer.....
After the early start we made some progress on the wood shed - well actually I made more progress in the vegetable garden, but my husband and his uncle made some good progress. It is looking a lot bigger than I had imagined and we may be able to use part of it to store the kids bikes. Either that or put a fireplace in every room in the house to use up all the wood that could be stored in it!


  1. Awww, love the comment from your son! Did you plant the egg hunt the night before?!

  2. That's very cute! Poor boy, having his honesty and secret keeping abilities called into doubt....

    Your weather is MUCH warmer than ours! I did some work in the garden yesterday but not today as it was overcast and very windy, rather chilly still.

    Also am a bit stuck about which order to do some stuff in. We need to pull out a tree, then stain the fence, then dig over that bit. So tree-yanking has to come first and that has to wait till Seiju gets home...

  3. anchan: yes, I did do the hunt the night before, but was very conscious of the fact that when I was a child wild animals managed to eat most of the eggs before we found them so I stuck to places like inside the car etc!
    Vicky: it is definately warm here now. I am still in a t-shirt and it is almost 10pm. I have to keep blinders on when I am working in the garden otherwise I tend to flip between all the different jobs that need to be done and therefore nothing gets finished!

  4. Great to see New Zealand standards are kept up overseas. My cousin in England also did a treasure hunt. I had all my wisdom teeth out the week prior so easter bunny was quite unorganised and VERY grumpy!! However, she came through in the end!! Love that part of being a parent.

  5. Hi Jo - I'm sure even your grumpy easter bunny was well received. Chocolate seems to calm everyone down a lot all over the world!