Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back to "normal"

We said farewell to our guests this morning after a day at the beach and running around trying to get hospital reports. I then took advantage of the beautiful weather to get a bit more work done in our vegetable garden. For anyone who is new to my blog, I have a pretty big vegetable garden which I promise myself I will try to keep under control every year, but which usually ends up looking more like a weed pile than a luscious vegetable garden. However this year things are much more under control than usual and I have less than half a row to weed tomorrow before I can basically call it a weed free garden... until next week anyway! Click on the photo to get a better view.
The children decided the great weather was a wonderful excuse to play baseball... in their swimming togs.... with their goggles on..... The reason why they needed this attire? - because the "ball" they were using was a bottle filled with water. Fortunately they didn't throw the bottle, only the water in it... not many home runs though!
Other exciting happenings today - my husband asked his father to help with concreting the floor of our new wood shed this morning - without me prompting! I think my rant at him last week may have paid off. Hopefully tomorrow the actually building part of it will progress further. Other news - my friend called and told us she had caught a swarm of bees for us so we just put them in their new home... unfortunately "the Easter bunny" was just coming in from delivering his eggs when she was given the command to come and help and didn't bother putting on gloves or a long sleeve top. I (I mean Easter bunny) am now getting fidgety thinking there are lost bees flitting inside my top - despite having taken it off two times to examine it! Here's hoping the bees stay in the new hive this year. They all ran away last year...


  1. I have to say that is one fantastic looking garden! And so many straight lines! ;-)

    I'll be wanting all the tips and tricks soon...

  2. Hi Mike: Nothing like straight rows to keep you well balanced during your weeding! Mine are nothing compared to Tom's parents though.... you should take tips from them.