Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thinking of a third... not!

Recently a few of my friends have been having babies or are about to have babies and on VERY rare occasions I think it might be nice to have a third baby. And then I see them during their two year old stages and am reminded that two children who are now at school are more than enough for me! Tonight's guests are proving to be good birth control for me. They are a lovely mother, grandmother and a 2 and a half year old boy and a 7 month old girl. The boy is wonderful in that he is interested in everything, but if I had to count how many times he has said "what's this" since they arrived this afternoon I would need more than 20 hands and 20 feet! Despite this we have been having a nice time and fortunately there are plenty of vegetables in the garden to get them picking for meals and of course the chickens are wonderful entertainment too. Although none of the summer vegetables are ready yet we managed to pick lots of peas, many kinds of lettuce, radishes, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, onions and of course bunches of herbs. It makes providing meals pretty cheap and they definately seem to be able to appreciate the difference between eating vegetables that have been picked 30 minutes earlier and those that have been sitting in the supermarket for days.
Thank you for all your nice comments about our wood shed. I worked solidly for 4 and a half hours yesterday and put all the wood that is already cut in its new home. Unfortunately I was too tired to take a photo afterwards.... maybe tomorrow after our "what's this" boy leaves.


  1. otsukaresama on the wood hauling.

    What do you think is worse- what's this? in Japanese or Why? in English? @_@

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  3. Anonymous11:48 AM

    The food looks fantastic! I would do anything to have some fresh radishes!!!!

    I am feeling about the same as you NO MORE THAN TWO- I have the puppy from hell!

  4. Three is highly recommended but much better if the third comes IMMEDIATELY after the second - then there is no understanding of how much easier two is!! However, I wouldn't put any back - at the moment. I too think of "just one more" - I think it becomes more romantic the further from it you get. However, they still wake all night, so they tell me.........

  5. Come on - you know you want a third. The bunster wants you to have a third!! Then, according to hub, it doesn't matter if one of them ends up marrying a person in a country thousands of miles away, speaking a language you don't understand and a culture you cant fathom.

    Like us!!

  6. Thanks for all your comments... fortunately air fares and memories of taking 2 travelling keep visions of a third completely at bay!