Friday, April 10, 2009


We are having amazing spring weather right now and it is doing its job to keep genuine smiles on our faces.
Yesterday we took off to the park for an hour or so, just to let my son have a good run around. A nice break in the sunshine! Note the beautiful blue sky.....

By the way, I deleted the last entry and edited this one for reasons which only I and perhaps those that read the last entry can imagine.


  1. mickey2:07 PM

    Hi, Jo.
    Is it a park that name is Nougyoubunka kouen park?
    It looks so nice slide!
    I want to go to there with my son.

  2. Glad things are looking up for you and you have the kids on side to boot.

    Fabulous weather here, too. I'm already forgetting about winter...

  3. oh, it's so hot!

    LOL, just kidding. but do you know how many times i've heard that already over the past two days?! too many! just be thankful winter is over! haha

    company does seem to look better when you know when you're going to be seeing them off...

  4. Yay for extended visits ending :) And in time to get a whole family day on Sunday before next week school stuff. I presume Emily is already back?

    Shou and Marina's kindy ceremony on Tuesday! What to wear... nothing nice covers bunster so I may well just have to turn up in trackies and slippers!!

  5. Mickey: Yes, this is Nogyo Koen. Please tell me when you will go with Bob and we can come and play with you! This is the back entrance park.

    thefukases, illahee: winter is definately over! A pity summer seems to have arrived before spring. I drank 2 bottles of water in one hour while I was weeding the garden today... I hate to think what it will be like in the middle of summer!

    Katy - yes, Emily has been back since Wednesday. I have worn the same clothes to all the entrance and graduation ceremonies for the last 2 years. I doubt anyone has noticed... although the photos do look a bit odd - only the hairstyle and wrinkles change! I think you should go in your trackies and slippers - it would be very memorable!

  6. oh oh oh, i just noticed more pictures. we've been there! fun park!!

  7. illahee - it really is a good park and is even better now because it is free (it used to have an entry charge). It is only about 15 minutes from our house so come and visit next time you go!