Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finished product

Miraculously it looks like we might have finished our new wood shed today - complete with paint! Even more miraculously it looks like one of the three sections of our new wood shed is going to be not only a place for the kids to park their bikes, but also a place for me to park my vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins, and hang my onions. I bypassed my husband and consulted his uncle when he arrived to help this morning as I know he is more open to new ideas than my husband. Before I blinked he had built a couple of shelves and a rail to hang the onions. Now all we need to do is shift all the wood into the shed.... I think that will take longer to do than the actual building did!
In other news... we were given two swarms of bees from a friend last week and although one hive is still humming the first bees decided they either didn't like their new box or their new location and have taken off - leaving just the very start of their honey comb and no honey. Apparently their is a big shortage of bees in Japan at the moment so I hope we can at least keep one hive going to help restore the balance of nature - and pollinate my veges at the same time!


  1. What a very professional wood shed! Are you going to stack thw wood all beautifully patterned like the Germans do??

    And great veggie storage too.

    Any chance of sending uncle and/or hub up here to do some handiwork for me??

    The bees - mmmm. I am a scaredy cat so wouldn't want them. There are a bunch of hives by a river near my MIL's house a mile away from here. I am not sure who they belong to but the bees are always very active along a little bridge during the summer so I route my bike rides away from there so as not to annoy them. (Though they all seem to be bent on gathering pollen and nectar and ignore people walking by.)

  2. Wow, that's some woodshed!

    Have you kept bees before? I'd love to hear more...

  3. you got a building permit with that?
    impressive. Now come sort our kitchen for us!!

  4. Anonymous11:35 AM

    That shed looks really pro..... I envy those who can do DIY....

  5. Looks like you're all set up.

    Protect that bike shed!! I have twice designated one of our outbuildings as a bike shed only to have it claimed as something more important like chainsaw paraphernalia or gifted tile storage....

  6. That is one damn fine looking shed!

    We'll get you to ship the boys over one day to make pump, vege and chicken sheds!

  7. ditto on the shed - and ditto on the sending the uncle to Kunimi to come and build a shed where I can park Granny K or hang her from an onion rail.

    What's with bees running away... bit of friction between them and the other hive perhaps!!

  8. Anchan - yes, we have kept bees before, but they keep running away. We have also stolen some great honey from under the local kominkan where bees had been living for years. They are so much fun when you get used to them.

  9. I'm more jealous of your bees than you are of my Rhubarb ;P

  10. Kevin - perhaps we could do a swap - you could send me bunches of rhubarb and if our bees ever produce honey I could send you jars of honey!