Friday, September 25, 2009

Comfort food

Thank you for all your "get well" messages, phone calls and offers of help. My leg didn't particularly enjoy doing the "hokey pokey" at my kindergarten English class this morning, but a bit of ice and it seems to be semi-okay right now. I am not patient enough to use the crutches they gave me so am slowly walking on it and hopefully I will be back in full action soon.....
Tonight my husband is at a work party so I got to have my favorite tea for when I am not feeling 100%. Rice pudding! Most Japanese people just can't believe that I would eat this stuff, but as an instant tummy filler I really love it. For anyone who feels like a change - just put some cooked rice (cold is fine) in a bowl, add lots of milk, brown sugar, sultanas or raisins and cinnamon and zap it in the microwave until it is almost boiling. Of course you can add some different dried fruits if you want, but raisins are my favorite! Instant comfort food!


  1. I like rice pudding too but the first (and last, sigh!) time I made it for Seiju, he was absolutely disgusted!

    I don't like it made with cooked rice though - it needs to be cooked from raw with the milk for best results.

    Hmmm, might have to try making it again now! Maybe I can convert the kids...

  2. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I love, absolutely love rice pudding (esp with it is made with heavy cream) but yours sounds delightful!

  3. Denise10:10 PM

    Ha ha! Thought I was the only one desperate enough to take rice out of the rice cooker, add sugar and a sprinkle of milk or soy milk...zap it in the microwave and call it rice pudding. Have to agree with Vicky that it's better made properly...but when your Mum is on the other side of the world and you need a bit of comfort it's not a bad substitute.

  4. Oh wow! You can make rice pudding from cooked rice??? I've only ever made it the looong way baked in milk in the oven... I see rice pudding on the menu next time K's away...

    And I hope you have a hokey pokey free weekend for your leg's sake!

  5. Oh no. Rice pudding in any form should be banned from the planet earth!!

  6. I just knew that dad would have something to say on this. Funnily enough for a ferguson i love rice pudding.