Saturday, September 12, 2009

Live feed

I'm not sure whose blog I saw the "FEEDJIT" information on, but a few months ago I added the FEEDJIT gadget onto my blog. It is a free service and basically it shows me which country and which city people are accessing my blog from. I can see what time they arrive, which page they arrive on and therefore whether they are coming directly onto my blog or coming via someone else's blog, via a specific word search etc. I have found it really interesting to watch. I can recognise a lot of the visitors - Switzerland - Lennon and Kim, London - Mike and Bec etc. etc. but there are a few which really make me wonder who is interested in reading my blog - people in France, Bombay, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, all over America, Korea, Australia and of course many parts of Japan that I have never even heard of. Don't get me wrong, I love having people read my daily dribble, but if you are reading this and haven't commented before I would love it if you left a quick note to say how you found my blog etc. I love the way blogs can make links between people all around the world. I read a number of blogs daily and feel like I know the writers really well despite never having met them. I look forward to meeting many of my "blog friends" in the near future. If you are reading this and thinking of heading to Oita let me know - it would be great to meet you in person.


  1. Very interesting!
    I wonder if the widget shows where the provider is based rather than the person. Mine shows Amagasaki, which is not where I am. Things to ponder!

  2. Hello Jo, I found your blog by random search the other day. This is my second visit. I like blogs about people living in different countries and cultures - I don't travel much so it satisfies the armchair traveller in me I suppose.

    My sister, also called Jo, keeps chickens which is what initially interested me. When she goes on holiday I feed them for her and find them endearing little things - not too bright maybe but they definitely do have their own individual personalities.

    I've enjoyed your blog posts so far and will definitely come back for me.

    Best wishes
    (it says Chesterfield your widgit thingy, which is close enough I suppose, although I live about 45 miles away in a smaller more rural town in Nottinghamshire)

  3. Hi Jo,

    I can't remember how I found your blog now - a link, on a link kind of thing perhaps... or maybe through GaijinWife...?

    I'm from Tasmania, and I live in Kobe and got married to my Japanese hubby last year.

    We go to Kyushu every year, and love love LOVE it! His family is originally from Fukuoka. Both of us would love to live in Kyushu, but jobs, and his family who now live in Osaka, keep us here.

    I love reading your blog and getting more idea about life in rural Kyushu.

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us!

    BTW, I think I come up as "Asahi, Chiba" - so I think medea is right about it showing the location of the internet provider rather than the user's location.

  4. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Hi Jo
    I am Gill's sister and started looking at your blog when Trev and Gill, and then Hannah, visited you. I enjoy reading about your life.
    Pam Sydney Australia

  5. Rachael in Sydney6:50 PM

    Hi Jo
    I commented once when you were reading the Tales of the Otori books. I think I found you either from the MIJ group or a link from someone who belongs to MIJ. My husband is Japanese too but we live in Sydney Australia (widget says Nth Syd which is just down the road ::)

  6. I always wonder why the widget thingy says Sanuki, Chiba... Sanuki is the old feudal name for Kagawa, but we are a loooong way from Chiba! Actually, I saw your widget and so installed it on my blog to, very nifty! xx

  7. Hi Jo.
    I'm Katy and was thinking it would be great to 'meet' you. What is your week shaping up like. Feel like haven't seen you for bloody ages.

  8. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Hi JO, Iam Mimi. I think I found you through Vicky's blog,but not really sure. I am a grandmother and I live in Grayson .co Ky and reading is the way I see the world. I enjoy your blog and all the others also. I very seldom comment as it is hard for me to put into words what I am thinking.

  9. Hey Jo,

    I'm a friend of Gaijin wife and I think I met you at Shou's 1st birthday. I found your blog through hers and read it every so often when I have some free time in work(I'm the person who is in Dublin!).
    I liked your post about the meji chocolate puzzle. I had a 3D cube before which took the family near 6 years to solve. I think they lie about how many solutions there are!

  10. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Hi Jo,
    I have recently become a regular reader of your blog, I am a friend of Nay so I probably blog hoped from there. I am also a foreign wife living in Shizuoka ken. Have been enjoying yours and many other blogs over the past couple of months and hope to start mine in the coming week-just need a few more hours in the day!!

  11. I found you by searching for married foreigners in Japan with blogs, and then I got here from a link on Nay's blog.

  12. Becca4:02 AM

    hello there, i'm Becca in the UK, married to a Japanese guy. We lived in rural Wakayama-ken until we moved here last year. We'll probably move back to Nihon sometime in the next couple of years..i find your blog (not sure quite how i found it) very inspiring. Thank you!

  13. Hi Jo

    I'm Bron from Rockhampton, Qld, Australia. My sister is married to a Japanese guy and lives near Osaka. Her blog (Sassymoo does japan) had a link to Gaijin Wife and she had a link to your blog. I love Japan (lived there for 15 months before returning to Oz to get married) and I want to learn more about gardening so your blog is really great.