Sunday, September 20, 2009

In a rut?

We are in the middle of "silver week" here. It is a 5 day holiday period named because it has the "respect for the aged day" sandwiched in the middle. We had people wanting to book for basically every day of the holiday period, but I decided to only take one group so we could actually have a bit of a holiday ourselves. Tonight's group is a really interesting mix. The lady who organised it owns a small English school in Beppu and is married to a Canadian man. She brought her Mum and 3 of her students with her. One of the students happens to be a school principal who I taught with when I first arrived in Japan. It really is a small world....
Anyway, they are a really nice group and have been really enthusiastic all afternoon and evening. We did some baking, talking and of course lots of eating! It is the eating part that I am referring to in my title when I wonder if I am in a rut or not... tonight we had: lasagna, herbed focaccia bread, pesto, salad, Palms fish (fish and egg dish... worth putting the recipe up when my eyes are open wider) and baked eggplant, followed by raspberry and baileys cheesecake and fudge slice..... again! For guests this menu seems to be a big hit. I agree it tastes pretty good. The problem is that my family also has to eat the meals with the guests and having the kids say "lasagna again" quite loudly when you put it on the table isn't exactly a wonderful feeling! I do occasionally do other things and we do quite different things with student groups, but that is my standard menu for adult guests.... it is easy for me and it works. If it was you and you had to feed 9 people what would you feed them... it is supposed to be a bit of a "kiwi experience" - any suggestions welcome as long as they don't involve sausages!


  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Hey Jo, so sorry I missed so many of your posts, that said, I do hope you can take some relaxation time for yourself!

    The spread sounds delish!!!

  2. Hmmm how about variations on the above- moussaka or ravioli instead of lasagne? A pumpkin or lentil soup, maybe? And a pav for dessert, of course. :)

  3. Pav for sure with lots of passionfruit. How about quiche or roast chicken? My friend always served tortillas when Japanese friends came. Soft tortillas can get expensive but if the quests made their own that would be part of the experience (I am asuming that mexican is as popular in NZ as it is in Oz)Might come and stay myself one day!

  4. Talking about 'it's a small world' I mentioned to a friend a week or two ago that I had been reading some blogs on the net and mentioned yours. She pipes up with "Yeh the woman in Kyushu I know her, her son went to school in NZ with my nephew!" It really is a small world!!

    Thanks for your wonderful blog you've inspired me to be more positive about my life here.