Friday, September 11, 2009

The perfect combination?

The boys did a great job this morning digging the hard ground, planting some potatoes, chopping some wood, collecting the eggs and making and eating pizza - all before 11:45am. The only thing they didn't manage to do was solve our latest puzzle. We have many "logic" kind of puzzles and our latest one combines my passion for puzzles with my passion for chocolate! It is a very realistic plastic block of chocolate which contains 12 different shaped 5 block pieces. We bought it when we went on our last camping trip to keep us occupied on the ferry. Unfortunately we quickly took it to pieces and couldn't get it back together again.... no matter how many hours we tried! I figured the junior high school boys might have more luck, but... no - they tried for hours as well, but were completely unsuccessful. And then... I came home this afternoon after dropping them off and sat down to blob out for half an hour or so and.... I did it! Apparently there are 2,339 ways of doing it, so if anyone else wants to try and find a different solution I challenge you! They seem to be available in a lot of book shops etc. here and if anyone else overseas wants one let me know. Great for wasting precious time! They also have "dark chocolate" and "white chocolate" - after just researching them I have discovered the white chocolate is the easiest, the milk chocolate (our one) is a medium challenge and the black one is the expert level.


  1. God you did luck out - getting them to do all that before lunch. Well done!!

    Am all up for puzzles - I will have a go with a cuppa next week sometime?? perhaps?? should you all not be out with oinky flu.

  2. I need to get me some of these homestay boys- I'll take a double order of the woodchopping ones, please!

    And that puzzle? I was so disappointed for you when I realised it wasn't real chocolate!

  3. yes please Jo. Milk Chocolate is good! I'll pick it up in April