Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sports day... yet again!

3 down and only 5 more primary school sports days to go! The more you go to them the more you discover that it is not just a coincidence that the events were the same as last year...... they actually never change! The first time I went I was actually quite interested and excited, the second time, less interested, but more involved in the "helping out" side of things and the third time.... I was very much on the sidelines! I did get up at 5:30am and made a pretty good lunch, but apart from that I watched and took photos. Aunty Megan arrived after lunch and although she wasn't in time to get in the "demon's pants" with Tom she did arrive in time to participate in the bean bag throw and the "drink the horrible green drink, run across a beam, jump over a box, and then pick a card and do something silly like walk on stilts, blow up a balloon and pop it by sitting on it etc." Her fate was actually quite boring - balance a beach ball on a badminton racket and run with it. Thanks for taking my place Meg!
It was fun to watch the kids participate, but it is nice to know it is only once a year! It is also nice to know that talks are very slowly starting regarding turning the horrible dirt ground into grass... the clouds of dust that blow up with the wind and the grazes the kids (and adults) get from slipping on the ground are just a too much for me to deal with each year!


  1. I really, really hope that's 3 down, 5 to go total and not just this year!

    Sounds like a fun day and how great your sister could share it with you.

    I find the lack of grass ovals here really perplexing... Hope yours goes green quickly!

  2. I suspect the whole "demon's pants" could do with a bit of an explanation!

  3. i was thinking the same as heather, until nearly the end of your post! LOL

  4. no demon pants at ours - although sometimes I think Shou has a pair permantly painted on.

    we do have the beam and badminton racket and ball - trike, huuuuuge ball and army net to comando under. All fun and games. I wanted to see a pic of your bento!