Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today I managed to do something extremely stupid. I tore my calf muscle... it went "pop".... I guess I should be grateful that it wasn't my Achilles tendon, but right now I don't feel very grateful at all! The hospital put it in a half cast, gave me some crutches and told me not to walk on it for at least a week. The pain that rockets up my leg when I do put any weight on it at the moment is ensuring that for the moment anyway I don't try to walk on it. But the hopping and crawling is already taking its toll on my other leg and I'm hoping it is going to heal sooner rather than later. Judging by the huge bag of pain killers etc. they gave me for 2 weeks it may not be as fast a recovery as I would like. I guess the one bright side to it all is that I won't be doing any running in the sports day on Sunday!
So, how did I do it? I would love to say that it was during my intensive 30 minute workout that I have been doing diligently every day this month, but to tell the truth I haven't managed to do any exercise for over a week. I did it by... walking across the lawn in the exact same way I do zillions of times every day. It had been a bit sore from the morning, but then it just went pop! Here's hoping the other one doesn't decide to do the same thing in the very near future.


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Crap.. that is just so odd and random!!!!! What do you think it was sore from?

  2. Ai yai yai!

    My wife is mad ad me because when I read your post I let out a yelp (imagining the pain) and she thought something happened to me.

    Good luck, and be comforted to know that your other leg will probably get really strong from hopping on it all the time!

  3. Oh no! Well, make the most of this enforced rest. Hope it heals soon! xxx

  4. Oh wow. That's terrible Jo. I hope you have lots of help around while you need it.

    What with your son's wrist and now this- I'd be looking out and not walking under ladders, hey?

  5. Anonymous4:42 AM

    I know the body has ways of ensuring that you put your feet up for a bit if it thinks you need it - but that is a cruel one!
    That is what Kevin did a few months back - and I hope you are a more patient patient than he was!
    And I tore a calf muscle many years ago too - so we can sympathise with the pain.
    Hope you have a few of those books left to read.

  6. ow ow ow ow ow! oh no! i hope it heals quickly! i can't imagine not being able to walk around...i'd have to get cages for the children (or something....)

  7. Ouch! Hope you're on your feet again soon!

  8. Bugger shit. Do you want some visitors on Monday?

  9. Oh no! We hope it heals quickly! Gill and Trev say hi too. Look out for them on SwissTime soon!