Saturday, September 05, 2009

Thunder thighs

Since high school I have been affectionately (?) called "thunder thighs" by some people (who I will not name at this time....). My thighs were very helpful playing netball as it meant I could jump higher than many and could block players from passing just by standing still. However now that I live in Japan I find that my thighs cause problems when shopping. Although there are more "larger sizes" becoming available, one of the major problems I have in Japan is buying trousers that fit. I can find tops etc., but basically every pair of trousers I try on looks great and feels good until I get as far as my thighs.... where they stop and refuse to move any further. The majority of Japanese women seem to have have pencil thin (but very bowed) legs and I have always been a little jealous until I read an article the other day which claims that "having slim thighs could be bad for your health". Apparently my thunder thighs are going to give me less chance of suffering from heart disease than my slim friends. Perhaps it will cause a boom here and I may be able to go into any shop and buy a pair of trousers that will go passed my knees... I live in hope!
PS: just in case anyone is worried.... the photo is a random one I found on the Internet - not me and no one I know!


  1. lol, I suffer from the same problem! Unfortunately, I can't get tops to fit over my boobs either!

  2. Ohhh me too. And my wardrobe is rather odd because when I *do* find magic pants that fit (two years ago Uniqlo did some hemp pants) I buy them in every colour they have. So this summer I was wearing the same capris in three colours and the Uniqlo pants in two. I'm sure people must notice but noone says anything- probably worried I'll sit on them!!

    Have you tried Seikyo or Nissen? They have bigger sizes than the shops. Unfortunately I have a skinny top half so pants from there need serious cynching so they don't fall off (stopping at the thighs of course!)

    PS thanks for the cooking class info. I now understand how you made bread in that time!

  3. Take comfort in that is much better for your health to be a pear than an apple. I look about 7 months pregnant (but am not). That's western pregnant. I look about 7 years pregnant by Japanese standards. I am finally making a real effort to slim down and now I look like a candy apple with two sticks, no difference at all in the tummy, but legs are getting twiggier and twiggier. Sigh. All the fat clumped around the organs is NOT healthy. I am short and can fit into Japanese 3L or on good days LL bottoms, and that is nice as far as shopping goes, but in the is the most important.

  4. Mickey2:36 PM

    There is the people that troubled with the same things in Japan.
    It's me.
    Mostly, the size that is the tallest in Japan is 168cm.
    And the width of the thigh is too thin to me...
    Why does L.L.bean make a size "Japan fit"...

  5. I was REALLY comforted reading this post and the comments. I am a NORMAL 48 year old American woman-pants size is from 10-12 depending upon the style and cut of the pants. My blouse size is M or L and sometimes LL again, depending upon the style of the blouse- mostly I wear L. In Japan I feel like an elephant! For the past 10 years, traveling back and forth to Japan the one and only thing that bothers me is the incredibly small clothes they sell for women!! I hate going into the "largeie size" section. Nothing there fits me correctly. The pants are always WAY too short. I can find something to fit over my thighs but then the waist is way too big! I told Masaaki I'll have to loose at least 40 lbs by 2011 before we move permanently to Japan....but I'm going thru fat chance of THAT happening...oh, thank you ladies you made my DAY. I thought I was the only one!!!! Sorry for the long post but I really connected with this post!!