Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another farewell

Life was back to "normal" again today after the departure of our latest group of junior high school students yesterday. They were an interesting group who seemed to spend a lot of time debating how things should be done before actually doing them. The simple task of cutting the bread in the morning turned into a 20 minute discussion about how to cut it to ensure everyone got the same amount - in the end it was cut into huge chunks rather than nice slices, but my philosophy is that they learn by doing and besides it all tastes the same no matter how it is cut!
After breakfast they did a great job pulling out all the onions, chopping the tops off them and then carrying them all to my mother-in-law's house. Next they cultivated the part where the onions had been, built another bamboo support and planted some more tomatoes. Of course I'll need to go and redo most of the supports if they are to withstand a typhoon, but at least they tried their best! One highlight of each visit seems to be a quick ride in the back of the "k-truck". I take them for a hoon to finish off their visit and it is great to see their smiling faces as we race over the big bumps etc. All off the main road of course....

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  1. ah but Jo, did they cut even numbers of bits too?