Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today we started the yearly pilgrimage to collect wild strawberries for jam. Last year my father was here and due to the slight problem that he is red/green colourblind (and therefore no use at all in hunting for little red berries on green leaves) I didn't collect any at all. But this year I am determined to get at least a few to stock pile into the freezer to make into jam when I finally get some time. My most popular jam seems to be wild strawberry and strawberry mix, but unfortunately you can't buy wild strawberries anywhere and therefore need to go and hunt for them yourself. I am slowly finding more and more spots which seem to be snake free and are not too far from our house. Today I managed to get 1.1kg and tomorrow I hope to get my husband off the tractor for an hour or so to help go into the more wild snake infested areas..... any volunteers welcome!

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