Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sweet peas

I seem to have a slight excess of sweet peas at the moment.... all of which are self sown! Last year I threw all the old vines on the ground under the tomatoes as a form of mulch and just before we left for New Zealand hundreds of plants sprouted up. I transferred some of them and made a fence for them (the first picture), but then just left the rest to fend for themselves (the second picture) and fend they have! Both lots have gone crazy and are producing hundreds of flowers every day. Amazingly they have really good long straight stems too so I have been trying to pick as many as I can each day (it seems to take a long time!) and giving them to anyone I happen to see. I'm thinking of putting a sign up saying "pick your own flowers" - 500 yen for as many as you can hold in one hand!
My fears of the passion fruit simply flowering and not producing any fruit seem to have been unfounded. There are quite a few little "eggs" appearing on the vines now and as yet no bugs seem to be affecting them. I hope I haven't spoken too soon!

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