Thursday, May 15, 2008

Learning together

When I first came to Japan I tried really hard to learn how to write some of the zillions of Chinese characters that exist. However after I started using a computer I never wrote anything - the result being that I can read quite a lot of the kanji, but I can't remember how to write very many. Lately my daughter has been very unmotivated to do her kanji (Chinese characters) homework so in an attempt to get her motivated I have started studying again with her. Unfortunately they learn so many each year that chances of me keeping up are pretty slim... maybe by the time my son graduates I will have mastered the first few years.
Just for your information my daughter is in the second grade of primary school and needs to learn a total of about 160 kanji - some having as many as 18 different strokes.... Every year the number they need to learn increases and by the time they have finished senior high school they have still not covered every single kanji!

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