Friday, May 23, 2008

Cycle safety

One advantage of having school grounds that are dirt rather than lovely green grass is that you can draw chalk lines on them easily to mark out things like running tracks (see - there must be a positive side to everything!). Today the school grounds were marked out as a "road" - complete with working traffic lights, railway tracks and pedestrian crossings. This was all part of the annual visit by the road safety people to promote cycle safety. I went along to help and was again dismayed by the fact that cycle helmets are not only not compulsory, but that they are not even mentioned once during the 2 hour session.... Each year I try to make a point of mentioning it, but each year I am basically laughed at.
At least my children know that if they are on their bike they must wear a helmet. Maybe by the end of this century the rest of Japan will have woken up too!

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