Sunday, May 11, 2008

Japanese camp

After the guests left on Saturday I went to work... this time I had to do a program for a group of 17 international and Japanese university students. In June they will run a camp for about 120 people so I was responsible for developing a good relationship between the members and also giving them some hints as to how they can make their camp run smoothly. Of course because this was a camp run in Japan they also had to make curry rice... a standard at any Japanese camp! Unfortunately it was a freezing night, but they all pulled together and managed to make some reasonable curry - mind you by 7:30pm in the freezing cold anything hot would have tasted fantastic!
Cooking the rice is always an art at a Japanese camp and the Japanese staff spent the first 20 minutes explaining how much water to put in the special pots, exactly when to stoke up the fire and then exactly when to take the rice off so that it is perfect - apparently when the water that is spurting out of the sides changes to the consistency of snot (their words...) it is ready to take off the fire!

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