Monday, May 05, 2008

Ebine festival again...

For anyone who has read this blog since I started you will realise that the same things happen every year on exactly the same day... this is Japan - the land of the predictable! Yesterday was the local town festival again and although I hadn't really made much jam since I got back from New Zealand I sold what I had as part of the Green Tourism stall and also helped out making their "mountain vegetable rice". Both my son and daughter also helped a lot and by the end were the main sales people. It was great maths practice calculating the cost of all the purchases and then giving change. Far more interesting than the extremely boring maths lesson I observed in my daughter's class for PTA last week... I put in a complaint at the end - or at least made a few suggestions which will have ensured that I never get asked to do anything for her class this year! A new teacher that is not very imaginative or flexible. Fun, fun, fun!

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