Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Post number 300

According to my front page this is officially my 300th post in this blog. I just want to thank all of those who regularly look at what we are doing here and encourage me to keep writing. I hope the following 300 posts don't just become repeats of the first 300!
Today was day two of the junior high school visit and was the real "agricultural experience". Of course I had to take them somewhere for them to buy their souvenirs in the morning so we went to Usa shrine where they bought enough boxes of cookies to feed an army while praying at the shrine for good luck in their upcoming exams as well as for a good love life!
We also managed to fit in a bit of gardening- they cultivated one part of the garden, made some bamboo supports and planted some tomatoes. I'm not sure how much work I have to do after they leave tomorrow to make sure the tomatoes will actually grow, but at least they tried! After lunch they did some baby bamboo digging, some wild strawberry hunting, had a soak in the hot spring and then made lots of pizza. A busy day.... I'm looking forward to an early night!

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  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Hi Jo,
    I am positive the next 300 won't be repeats - your life is so full and varied. It just continues to amaze me as to where you get all your energy from.
    Anyway, thanks for continuing to write - I always look forward to reading them.