Tuesday, May 20, 2008

School trip number 1

Over the next three weeks we have 3 different groups of junior high school students coming to stay. They come from Osaka as part of a group of over 200 and are then billeted out to different families for an "agricultural experience".
The first group arrived tonight and to be honest I was not looking forward to their arrival at all as the profiles that they sent earlier made them look like a bunch of no-hopers who weren't interested in anything. Fortunately they have turned out to be very energetic, very helpful boys who are great with my children. Of course they only arrived at about 6:30pm, but the visit is so far going better than I hoped. Tomorrow I have to entertain them for the whole day and then finally drop them off after lunch on Thursday.
Today they entertained themselves whipping the cream for the pavlova and making the bread for breakfast tomorrow. Tomorrow they will be responsible for all the cooking etc. I'm not sure who it will be harder on - me or them!

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