Thursday, February 02, 2012

99 down....

Sunday is the yearly mochi making, musical presentation and most importantly the "bazaar" at school. You can read about my first experience of it here. I am guessing that it will all be exactly the same this year. The big cookie bake began for me tonight - I decided to bake one kind before the other two "helpers" arrive tomorrow morning. Japanese people seem to think that there is only one basic kind of cookie that you can make so each year I try to add another kind just to show them what else can be done. These ones are chocolate fudge, there are chocolate chip and pinwheel rolls ready to be cut in the fridge and I'll make our current family favorite, mini anzac biscuits first thing in the morning(Mike, I finally found a recipe that doesn't run all over the tray if you want it!). I think the aim is to make about 100 bags in total with 5 cookies in each... I made 99 tonight so if my addition is correct it means I have about 401 to go tomorrow morning ....
Then Saturday is cupcakes, muffins and madeleines which I am making by myself then taking to school to get everyone to help put them in bags.
Sunday is a 7am start at school - I am in charge of deep frying the chicken nuggets. I can't wait for Monday!


  1. Wow! Those look fantastic! You are truly industrious. I am trying to think of what I have managed to get done this evening and baking 99 cookies is not on the list (^_^)

  2. om nom nom!!

    oops! sorry jo, now you have to make 405 cookies!!

  3. Anonymous8:41 AM

    They look amazing!! When are you opening a bakery/cafe?! Also, i may need that recipe to add to my delightful recipe book i got for xmas....Beth

  4. I'm glad we don't have a bazaar of any sort!!
    For great ANZAC biscuits be sure not to use instant oats, that makes them soft and spread too much