Sunday, February 05, 2012

Going a little too far

I'm all for healthy food and I love tofu - in fact I just opted to have a bowl of tofu topped with salad and meat rather than a bowl of rice topped with salad and meat. But some things are just not meant to be "healthy". For me chocolate is one of those things. Chocolate is one of those treats that you eat knowing it is not so good for your physical health, but oh so good for your mental health. So when I saw one of this year's valentine gift giving options I was more than a little surprised. Tofu Chocolate.... it just isn't right! I haven't tried it, but I am tempted just to prove to myself that some things really shouldn't be mixed. Has anyone tried it? Perhaps you can tell me how bad it is without me having to buy some (which would be very fortunate as it seems to be sold out on all the internet shops!).

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