Sunday, February 26, 2012


One of my dreams is to punch a huge hole in our kitchen wall and extend it out a few metres, giving us a bigger kitchen with more bench space and a pantry. Unfortunately it looks like that will have to wait for many years, unless we win lotto in the near future. So in the meantime we have to be satisfied with practicing by punching a huge hole in the side of the chicken house and extending it out a metre or so to give the chickens a bit more roosting space. When we first built the chicken house we planned on having about 5 chickens, but quickly fell in love with them and now want to keep at least ten, hence the size problem.
Today stage one was completed... the wall is gone. I wonder how many weeks it is going to take to get onto stage two... I really hope we will have some more chickens before the end of March, but it may be a little chilly without a wall!

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  1. I was going to comment 'I thought you got rid of your chickens' - obvious by fact that you didn't try and off load three dozen eggs when I came over for coffee. Hope you get the wall up and some more chickens soon. I'll stop buying eggs from April.