Monday, February 27, 2012

Splitting Bamboo

Japan has a way of using bamboo like no other country I know. They use it in very intricate weaving of plates, they use it for tomato supports in the garden, they use it to make fences and they use it in another zillion kinds of ways. Until today I've always been puzzled by how they split the very large, very long pieces of bamboo to use for fences etc., but today it was all revealed when I wandered past the neighbour who was making himself a wind/wild boar fence. He was using this tool - a bamboo splitter! Basically an axe-like blade that splits the bamboo into four... very simple, but very effective. Of course now that I've discovered my father-in-law also has one of these gadgets I might go for a wander up the hill and get myself some bamboo to try it out.
Or perhaps I'll just ask my father-in-law to get me some bamboo and split it for me and I'll take a few more photos!

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