Saturday, February 04, 2012


Enough baking posts for a while... but still on the food theme... Friday was "setsubun" - the official day before spring begins (I don't think the weather gods have quite realised this) and the kids and I were talking about how much fun it was at kindergarten when the teachers used to frighten them to death (you can read more about what setsubun is and what they did here). I think the only thing they do at school related to setsubun is to eat the dried soybeans that come with the school lunch on that day - and my kids hate them so they don't even do that. At home we each had one of the huge sushi rolls - you are supposed to face the lucky direction for each particular year and eat the entire roll without speaking. My son and I didn't even try, but my daughter faced the "lucky direction" for the year (north north-west) and ate silently for the first 10 seconds or so before giving up. It seems to have worked a miracle on her though as today she was incredibly helpful, even going as far as doing not only ironing her own apron etc., but her brother's and mine too. Perhaps we should eat these huge sushi rolls every day!

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  1. Great fun! Our school has one hour of chaotic bean chucking each year. The fifth and sixth graders are the oni along with some of the teachers. Harry came home with a very small but a very well defined lump on his forehead from being nailed with one of those cube chocolates!!