Friday, February 03, 2012

Another few hundred cookies

By 7am I had finished another 100 cookies... by 9:30am I was at school with a total of 530 cookies ready to help make some jelly and get some help to get all the cookies into bags. I ended up making 5 different kinds in the end - chocolate chip, chocolate fudge, chocolate mint (can you see a trend...), anzac, and pinwheel.
Tomorrow I have to make about 80 cupcakes and 40 madeleines..... after making the kids Japanese lunch boxes and before I go to school to help make donuts, steamed bread, popcorn and set up all the things people have donated for the "bazaar". I'm off to bed very soon!


  1. They look fantastic, you must be exhausted, really enjoying your blog, thankyou, Julie x

  2. Yummm. Everything looks so delicious. I wish I had an oven. How large of an oven do you have? Did you purchase it in Japan?

  3. My oh my are you the sole person organising the bazaar? It seems like too much work for a 'donation'