Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Here we go again....

My husband had the day off on Tuesday so the big plan was to get the chicken house all fixed up and ready for some new occupants once the weather warms up. (Un)fortunately the chance to collect some wood came up and whenever free wood is offered we tend to drop everything and go and get it so the chicken house hasn't progressed at all. We have quite a good system going for our firewood now - we try to get these two big parts of the shed full by the end of the spring so that we have enough wood for about 2 years... in theory! Each section fits 6 rows and we are onto the 4th row of the first one... I'm guessing we will dip into the second section this year, but we shouldn't run out unless the winter doesn't end until about May!
I (half) joked with a friend the other day that I would give up my children before I gave up my fire and more and more people are putting fireplaces in here in the countryside. Unfortunately most people don't think much past the installation. I was drooling as we drove past all the huge firewood supply places in New Zealand, but of course there are no such places in Japan so the chainsawing, splitting and stacking begins all over again..... any volunteers welcome!


  1. i actually don't mind splitting and stacking. my parents have a wood burning stove and i admit, i miss it!!

  2. I would love to have a pile of such straight uniform shaped logs like that - and a place that large to put it!

    I made the mistake of getting all the wood from an old demolished house the first year we had a stove. Terrible wood because it is soft sugi, old and burns fast and dirty, but was very helpful for that year. Problem is now that everyone wants us to take their scrap wood now (and many many houses were torn down last year). They put it aside for us and I find it very difficult to say no to their "kindness", even though we have no place to put it and it ends up taking valuable space that could be used for much better logs from the forest.

    Right now there is a complete barn that was demolished and stacked very neatly