Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pulling their hair out

A while ago I drove up to the top part of our road and discovered that someone had hung big bags of something all along the side of the road. I presumed they were using them to mark the road for some repairs or something, but after asking my mother-in-law I was a little surprised by the answer. It turns out that the neighbors were tearing their hair out over the problem of the wild boars coming down from the mountains and destroying young seedlings etc. so they went to extreme measures.
The bags are all full of.... human hair! Apparently the boars don't like the smell of humans so rather than have us all take turns to stand like scarecrows in the freezing cold they decided to use hair instead. I'm kind of hoping they got a supply from a hairdressers and haven't been collecting it for the last 50 years, but with the way people hoard things around here I wouldn't actually be surprised if it was the latter!
I have no idea whether it is working or not, but it is a bit freaky walking up past huge bags of hair... especially now that it is starting to get all matted from being out in the elements and little bits are poking out all over the place. I guess if it doesn't deter the boars it will deter the mountain climbers from straying off the road to pick up rogue chestnuts that the boars have missed!


  1. Just when I thought I'd heard every strange story here....