Saturday, February 04, 2012

Last day of baking before a morning of deep frying....

This morning I managed to produce the requested muffins and cupcakes, but gave up on the madeleines. I personally don't particularly like them and they are a pain in the bum to make so I opted to make vanilla cupcakes instead and promised to make madeleines tonight if they thought they were necessary. Fortunately the cupcakes were cute enough for them to agree that madeleines were unnecessary so I get a "night off" tonight. I ended up making 48 chocolate muffins, 36 pumpkin muffins and 36 vanilla cupcakes. That is plenty for a school with only 50 kids in it! Now I just have to be at school by 7am tomorrow for a morning at the deep fryer and it is all over for another year. The things we do for our kids! Photobucket

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