Sunday, June 03, 2012

6th Graders

Today I was given a bit of a forced break from the garden (my itchy arms were thanking me) and we went to school to participate in the 6th grade "recreation" - a chance for parents and children to all mingle while doing something that the class has decided.  Unfortunately Emily's class thinks the only activities that can be done are very active activities and therefore we played kick-base (I still couldn't really understand the rules even once the game was over!), cops and robbers then jump rope with the big rope.... for far too long!  My itchy arms may have been thanking me for the break, but my usually-not-so-active legs are telling me they need a sleep in tomorrow!
The top photo is the 11 children on their first day of school (well 10 of them are visible...).  The bottom is 6 years later (with a few extra siblings) - some have grown and others haven't!  My daughter is in the pink t-shirt on the end.  The girl next to her is her classmate...... at least I can always find her quickly in a group!

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  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Hi Jo! This is Jung Soo. Can I post without having a blogspot ID??? I'm not sure but I guess I shall find out when I hit "publish" hah. Wow, Emily is so tall!!!! Is that her brother in the first row, sitting down with the red shirt? Hope you are well!!!!! xo