Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainy day entertainment

 I have had enough of the rain.  I think we have had one fine day in the last week and today we had torrential rain ALL day.  The kids couldn't handle staying home all day again so we braved the weather and went bowling..... it was quite fun if you could ignore the excessive noise and the smoking zone which was conveniently just behind the seats where you sat when it wasn't your turn - ie most of the time.  My husband discussed the placement of these smoking zones with the manager, but apparently there is too much demand for smoking that the non-smokers just have to put up with it.  I can't see us going there again in the very near future.  And of course our washing machine is broken at the moment so we can't wash the smoke smell out of our clothes and even if it wasn't broken it is raining so hard we couldn't get the clothes dried even if we did manage to get them washed!  Perhaps I should just hang them outside and spray them with washing liquid!  
Here's hoping the forecast for the next week (basically rain every day) is wrong.  Bring back the sunshine!


  1. We went to Karaoke up in the mountains and I had a fleeting thought that perhaps I should pack the evacuation kit in case the mountain collapsed while we were inside a karaoke box mid 'kamen rider, kamen rider'. Bloody rain. Am over it. At least I guess its not windy too!! Let me know if you and your mum are free for lunch on Thursday or Friday. Kuru kuru? Bento? Drive to Kunimi? xxx

  2. I hear you girls. This never ending rain has been my problem too. I think its even affecting my family as well, my wife's been worried this past few days because she's concerned that we wont be able to take the kids out on a weekend holiday due to the bad weather. I am definitely missing the sunshine.