Monday, June 11, 2012

Top three posts of all time

I'm always interested in the different ways people connect with different blogs.  Blogger provides pretty good basic statistics of how many people have been looking at which page, which country they are from etc.  My favorite statistic is which blog posts have been viewed the most.  Most of my posts are viewed by about the same number of people, but there are three posts which have been viewed more than 10 times more than any of the other posts.  They are:

No. 1: Thunder Thighs
No. 2: Goldfish Revisited
No. 3: Spiders

I'm presuming that the out of proportion number of views of these pages is due to people randomly searching for something on the Internet... interesting what people search for!  I would hate to think how many views I would get if the goldfish and the spiders got together and revisited the thunder thighs....   
(just to test the theory I just googled "goldfish, spiders, thunder thighs" and my blog came up number 4 out of 18.000... - on my search engine anyway!.)


  1. I tried it, and your blog came out 1 and 2!!!

  2. I think my blog's all time most popular post is one titled big booty britches, which is about the very un-sexy maternity pants. Still, it seems that most searches on google are after only one thing ;)

  3. One of the stats options on blogger will show you what searches sent people there. My most popular post, which puzzled me for a looooong time is a postcard of the Seattle Needle underwater. serches for seattle underwater, underwater space needle etc
    apparently people search this phrase a lot. I have amended the post to name the artist, so they can find what I think they were looking for