Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Venus Viewing

A few days/weeks/months ago (I've completely lost all concept of time lately) the whole of Japan (and half the world) was excited about the big "ring of fire" eclipse that was visible from here.  I was instructed to go and buy some special viewing glasses and we all sat around in the morning waiting for the big moment to occur.  Only we were glued to the TV rather than the skies as it was so cloudy we couldn't even work out where the sun was!  I almost threw the glasses out in frustration, but fortunately just threw them into a cupboard rather than the rubbish as they came in handy this morning when we got to view Venus making an appearance in front of the sun.  Compared to the eclipse, the tiny pimple on the moon wasn't overly impressive, but at least we could see it (not that you can in the photo!).  A nice way to start another long day....

1 comment:

  1. It was beautiful. One of the rare moments. Whole family watched it a number of time. It was a small black spot over the sun moves from left bottom to the top of the sun.