Tuesday, June 12, 2012


When I first got married I can remember snickering when I watched my mother-in-law getting ready to go out into the garden with her funny hat, her arm protector thingies and her leg protector thingies.  I can remember thinking "if I ever look like that I have been here far too long....." and then... I realised that I now wear the funny hat and the arm protectors (sorry, the photo is out of focus...).  I still don't wear the leg protector thingies though so I guess I am not officially part of the old fogies in the fields group ...... yet! 
On a similar note, I think I have worked out what is causing all my itchiness - straw!  On Saturday I made sure I was completely covered up, but spent most of the morning carrying straw.  Almost immediately my legs started itching ... in exactly the areas where the trousers I was wearing were wearing very thin.  And then the next day I stupidly rushed out to cart the remaining straw into the tunnel house before the rain set in and... forgot to put proper gloves on.  The result - my hands are red and itchy all over.  I'm happy that I have worked out what it is, but not so happy that it doesn't give me an excuse to not pull weeds out anymore.....


  1. could there be anything on the straw? you farm organically, though, right?

  2. where did you get the arm protectors? I remember seeing gardeners wearing these. I wonder if you can get them in North America? I have poison ivy. great blog, btw!

  3. Way back when we had a mini farm and I had a horse in Wisconsin I used to get really itchy from the straw/hay. Maybe allergies-not sure but it used to drive me nuts. I like the arm protectors thingies too...and I too used to snicker...