Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nan's arrival

The massive volumes of rain that have fallen over the last few days seem to have washed away all my blogging enthusiasm... clouds are forecast for the next few days so hopefully I may be a little more motivated!

Mum arrived on Saturday morning.... in the middle of a huge downpour.  My son and I made a snap decision on Friday night to drive to Fukuoka and stay the night so we didn't have to get up at 5am and drive in the pouring rain to get to the airport in time.  The correct decision as we ended up feeling very refreshed - especially after the dip in the nice onsen in the morning, just before the complimentary breakfast.
Since Mum has arrived I think we have had one day of reasonable weather - and we managed to make it to a lake which has beautiful irises.  A nice wander - even if only 25% of them were in full bloom.  Here's hoping the weather improves a bit in the next couple of weeks....... otherwise my dream of having my garden weeded for me will remain just a dream!


  1. very beutiful panoramas..
    nice posting

  2. What a beautiful and interesting blog! I just found it and really love it. :)