Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wheat harvest year 3

I started on my wheat growing journey 2 years ago - and have managed to slowly increase the volume I've grown each year.  For previous harvests see ....

A couple of days ago the predicted phone call came saying "wouldn't it be best if I harvested the wheat soon", but I dug in my toes and said that my mother was coming next week and it would be a great bonding activity.  And then today dawned hot and sticky and the threat of rain in a couple of days meant I decided that I would actually harvest the wheat today - but the kids would help me, so don't worry mother-in-law and father-in-law, I can do it without your help.   And then I started to harvest the wheat.... in the intense heat... my daughter stopped before she started, my son managed one row and slunk inside.  The parents-in-law arrived and I decided it was probably quite a good day to stop refusing just on the principal of it and invited them into my garden to help me (I am so kind!).  About an hour and a half later and the harvest was finished.. and then I went to bed for half an hour!  Kind of happy I wasn't in my really stubborn mood today!  
Just as the harvesting ended a neighbour wandered by, commenting that I should get on with harvesting my potatoes.... I smiled and nodded..... and went to bed.....

Rob - with regard to your question concerning braces... there has been quite a big change in my daughter's teeth already and they document it very well so we can actually see the progress in the photos etc.  The only thing I regret is that we couldn't get another quote from somewhere else - because there is no where else near us!  I think it depends a lot on what the problem is - for us it was more than just cosmetic so definitely worth it.  Just remember the price will probably go up A LOT when they hit junior high school.....   There is also a lot of commitment involved on the part of the child regarding cleaning and eventually wearing the retainer for another year or so when the braces come off so I think it is really important that the child is actually willing to commit to this... otherwise the teeth will end up going back to their original state and will require more attention in the future.

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  1. Hi Jo, Thanks for getting back to me so soon, your comments are much appreciated. Good to hear that there has been good progress, naturally that would be my main concern before committing to paying out such a large amount of money. We've had two quotes already and they were virtually identical, with similar comments etc regarding the treatement, will just remember to get it started before my son starts junior high school, he's currently 5th grade at elementary school, so the sooner the better!!
    Best wishes,