Friday, June 01, 2012

Rice seed planting the easy way

Every year my family here is involved in the labour intensive process of planting rice into trays, laying them out and then taking care of them until they are big enough to be planted out in the fields.  I say "my family"... but in effect it is really my father-in-law and mother-in-law who do the majority of the work.  This year my father-in-law's health hasn't been fantastic so there were suggestions made that we skip the seed planting and just order trays from the agricultural union which have already been planted and therefore only have to do the "taking care of them until they are big" phase of the process.  Unfortunately my father-in-law doesn't like to waste money and therefore to pay for someone to do a job that he could do (while keeling over backwards halfway through it) was a bit too much for him to handle.  The idea was therefore thrown out the window.  
And then mother-in-law came to the rescue.  All it took was for her to say "don't be so stupid, if you are that stubborn then I will pay for the trays of seeds so you don't have to kill yourself getting them ready"..... the next minute father-in-law was on the phone calling the agricultural union and putting in an order - making sure they knew to take the cost out of mother-in-law's account, not his!  Just in case she changed her mind....
The trays of seeds have now grown pretty well and I'm guessing in a couple of weeks the big planting season will start.  If anyone wants to see how we have done the planting of the seeds in the past (and why we didn't want to do it again....) here are a few links:
2009 (with video)

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