Thursday, May 31, 2012

A post a day

Unfortunately some mice got into some of the wheat I grew last year and because I wasn't particularly keen to try and separate out the little black droppings from the wheat before milling it I thought I'd use it to supplement the chickens' diet.  The only problem is that the chickens don't seem to want to eat it in its raw form.  So, I decided to try and seed it and give them some extra greenery.  The result... they love it and devoured four tray fulls in about an hour.  Hopefully it will come away again and they can have another feast in a few days. 

Today is May 31st.  Somehow I have managed to write at least one post a day for the entire month.  It wasn't an effort and I've enjoyed looking back at the last month.  I doubt it will continue for June, but once every couple of days may be realistic.  If you keep coming back I may even find something a bit more interesting than the garden and the chickens to write about!


  1. wow, congratulations!! great effort!

  2. Uncle Mike4:06 AM

    Thanks! Made the morning coffee much more enjoyable...