Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Asian Dust

Last year I wrote about how much I would love to put a chair in our driveway and watch the setting sun.... today was quite a different story!  Every year we get a few days where the sand is blown all the way from China, creating an absolutely disgusting smoggy kind of feeling everywhere.  We can't see any of the mountains around us and as the wind has finally stopped it could be like this for a few more days.  I guess we should just be grateful it isn't raining... that produces an amazing layer of filth on everything.  So much for fresh, clean country air!
You can read more about Asian Dust here: Wikipedia - Asian Dust


  1. Blech! I can't tell the difference between the ash from Sakurajima and this dust though.

  2. Humm, that explains why my eyes were burning in Shonai. Thank you for the information. Being new to this part of the world has opened my eyes to a lot of good and bad things. This is certainly a bad thing. I guess the best description for this stuff is "yuk". I noticed as I drove to a higher elevation (700m) the air quality improved.