Monday, May 28, 2012

Comment answers...

As usual I am pretty bad at answering comments on my blog - I absolutely love reading them (hint, hint) and answer them in my head, but often never get around to writing them. 
Here are a few answers to questions/comments that people have asked (in random order and so out of date that you probably don't even remember writing them!)
Katie - looking forward to another cuppa and cookies soon! 
Mike - hope the baby is sleeping like an angel....
Connie - there are actually laws about burning... it is just that no one in the countryside takes any notice of them!
Gina - I like your eggscellent sense of humor!
Roli - after reading your comment about bird mites I started getting itchy!  I think the birds may be about to vacate and I'll be in there to remove and block up the hole as soon as they do!
Heather - I'm really hoping the chickens will just start sleeping on the perches as they get bigger.  I'm guessing that if they haven't started doing it before they start laying some serious training may need to be done.  Tom just informed me that 5 were sleeping on the perches tonight so hopefully they will all start to copy soon - they are Japanese chickens after all!
George and Erika - the kids really wanted to name the chickens but unfortunately there are too many to keep track of (and it's harder to munch on the leg of a named chicken than a random one!).  The sick one has fully recovered though and therefore would definitely be named "kiseki" if it was going to have a name.
Audible - I've never seen wild blackberries here in Japan, but you can find the plants in some plant centers or if you find someone with canes then just cut off a bit and plant it in the ground... you should get blackberries the next year (or year after) - mine are slowly starting to fill out... yum!

I know there were more comments that I should respond to but bed is calling... 5 loads of washing, gardening all morning then work till 9pm have tired me out!  If you've never commented before it would be great to hear from you... or if you've commented before it would be great to hear from you again .... I may even answer you if you write a question... maybe!

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  1. Hi Jo,

    I have enjoyed your comments and blog. Sure, let's get together. I have a feeling I will learn a lot from you...farming for one thing. You will love my vegetable garden. I have a grand total of 3 tomato plants and 3 blueberry bushes. Please don't laugh. George is also happy to show your kids how to fly a sailplane. Just have them bring boots. They will have a blast and a good night sleep after running up and down the hills. I am not sure and I don't really care about when he can fly, but it seems that the wind direction and speed are important. You can try to come in the morning or evening and see if there is some wind. Your kids can go up the hill with George. Do you like walking? I have to walk the dogs (Jack Russell) in the morning and evening, so if you like, we can walk and chat...such hospitality???? ha, ha, ha.....Telescope is in the box and will be in the box for a long time until we build the garage. Erika

    Hi Jo,

    George, here. My wife can't wait to meet you. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my hobbies with your kids. I'm in the middle of building a wood shed and BBQ area. Hopefully, I'll be done with those projects within the next two weekends. Perhaps you can join us when we "break in" the barbie? As you know from reading our blog, our home is in a state of disrepair. If you don't mind the "rustic atmosphere" then come on over! I can't predict the best time to fly (or as my wife puts with my toys). It's kind of a hit or miss thing. If all else fails, we have Wii, electronic darts, mountain bikes or weeds to pull to keep the kids entertained. Have you visited Joe in Tsukahara? We live within a five minute walk from his house. Just drive up the long gravel road and turn left at the first log cabin. We live next door. If you follow the signs to "Erina" you'll find us, too.