Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sometimes it's the small things

The light is definitely appearing at the end of the tunnel - even if it is only for a short time!  Today we said our farewells  to the girls (after I eventually woke them... ) and I have a whole morning tomorrow with "nothing" to do.  Of course the garden needs some drastic attention so I'm planning to get out there early and get in a couple of hours of weeding before my motivation dies and I feel the need for a morning nap!
Back to the girls... I always find it interesting listening to what they have enjoyed most over the 3 days they are with us.  It is often not the big things that we have planned, but the small things that just kind of happen during the visit.  We used to take them for rides on the back of the kei-truck, but that was banned as it was too dangerous so this time they went riding in the wheelbarrow on the way to pick up some tools etc.  It turned out to be the highlight for a lot of them along with a play in the river/creek with my son during their break time.  This kind of impromptu thing often happens which is why I never bother having a rigid plan of what we will do during their time here.  No more groups for a while though so I can now just concentrate on getting the cottage ready for my mother's arrival in a couple of weeks - yippee!

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  1. otsukaresama!

    wheel barrow riding is great fun. Glad they had a great time but glad you are out of that tunnel. I will try and schedule a lunch/cuppa catch up before your mum gets here.