Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Precious cargo

Today brought back memories of bringing my daughter home in the car for the very first time.  I was scared every bump was going to jolt her and make her cry, that she would be so scared of the noise of the car that she would cry, and that the car seat wouldn't be fitted properly and she would slip out onto the floor and cry.  Of course none of the above happened and from memory she slept all the way home from the hospital.... 
Today I didn't bring home a baby, but I did bring home fifteen chickens who are 53 days old.  Like with Emily's first ride home, I drove very carefully and semi-slowly, taking care on the corners and the hills to get my special cargo home in 15 pieces.  Unfortunately one of the chickens hasn't feared so well and I'm guessing won't make it through the night.  Probably having 4 chickens stomping all over it for 20 minutes was a bit too much for it...   The remaining 14 chickens have had a nice day in their new home - taking dirt baths, checking out the scenery and eventually heading into the house for the night.  My son and I managed to round them into the house without actually touching them - not too bad for the first night!  Not that I don't want to touch them - I really do... just need to get them used to us a bit more first.    As soon as they realise I am the one that brings them their food I'm sure I will have them eating out of my hand and cuddling up to me at every opportunity they get!


  1. Your first paragraph made me smile this morning. : )

    What a bunch of cuties they are! I'm so sorry to hear about the 1 chicken who might not make it. : (

    I bet they love their new home. : )

  2. How is the not so happy one this morning? Hope all is well. The brown ones are Isa Browns? And the white ones? I love having the chooks to talk to. :)