Thursday, May 17, 2012


The boys headed off at lunch time today after working hard in the garden planting sweet potatoes and helping my mother-in-law to add a bit more smoke into the atmosphere.  "I feel the need to show off my pants" boy did a fine job of showing them off today, by removing his shirt to do his digging.  He even stayed that way when their teachers came to visit.  Gotta love the current fashions!  
When I dropped them off I got the profiles of the next group which arrives next Wednesday - another group of 4 boys who don't look quite as wild... whether that is good or bad I'm not sure!  The first self introduction sheet I looked at listed his hobbies as "hana o miru koto" which could translate into "I enjoy looking at flowers" or "I enjoy looking at noses"..... I'm kind of hoping it is the first translation!


  1. Nathan3:19 PM

    Any boy who writes i love looking at flowers needs to be carefully watched.