Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two birds with one stone

The thing I worry about the most when groups come to stay is whether they have enough food to eat or not.  Because of this we often end up with a fridge full of leftovers when they go home, which is nice sometimes, but less nice if they are staying two nights....I'm never sure what treasure I'm going to find knocked over in the back of the fridge after they've gone.  .  I've managed to make a few changes which means some of the food can be frozen or "recycled" during their stay (don't tell the recycling police....) and this morning I decided to mix the left over miso soup with the left over rice and use it to feed to the chickens - by hand!  It was the first time these chickens have really been brave enough to eat from our hands and they lapped it up - as did the students.  It filled in a full 30 minutes and I noticed that when I went in to check their water tonight they didn't run away, but actually came towards me (the chickens, not the students) - it won't be long till I'll be able to pick them up and cuddle them (again the chickens not the students).  
The tunnel exit is getting closer.... roll on Monday!

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