Sunday, May 27, 2012

Do you wake a sleeping baby?

I can remember being so keen to wake my daughter when we first got home from the hospital.  She was a real sleeper and it was kind of boring to just watch her sleep... Then my son came along who was a non-sleeper and therefore there was no way I would ever wake him if he was actually in a sleeping state.
It is now 8:27am.  The girls were supposed to be up and eating breakfast at 8am.  I know they were tired and am not worried that they are still sleeping..... I'm just wondering how late I should let them sleep.  If I wake them I will need to get on with the things we are going to do together this morning.  If I don't I can catch up on reading some blogs.... the dilemmas of country living!

1 comment:

  1. Uncle Mike1:57 PM

    I think I can answer that question: NEVER, EVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!!

    A sleeping baby is a wonderful thing!